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Most among us look for a service centre or a customer care number when the product bought starts giving some trouble or when we mess with the product. Users of RedMi Xiaomi smartphone in India must know the Xiaomi Service Centres in their area. A Mi user in Delhi must know the Mi Xiaomi Service Centres in chirala to fix his Mi smartphone issues or service it. When it is said that it is necessary to know where Mi Service Centres are then it is a headache for most of us but it is something simple what you have to do is to dial the charge free customer care number. It is 1800 103 6286. You can store this number in your smartphones. The other way is to find and locate the Mi Service Centres in chirala is by using Mi Store Application.


The Mi smartphone, one of the products from one of the largest smartphone manufacturers Xiaomi, which is a Chinese mobile company founded in 2010. This company rose to prominence since its inception in 2010. Only within a few years because of its consumer focussed products. The products of the company involves tablets, phablets, smart tv lines, health watch products like the blood pressure monitor, air fresher, water purifier and many more. It produces bicycle and self-balancing scooters as well. There are many retail outlets in New Delhi and major cities in India, which sell RedMi smartphones and other mobile devices of the company but its products are mainly sold online.
Several Authorised Xiaomi Service Centres are in chirala, which provide good customer service. Here are their addresses and phone numbers.

Shop name:
Stn Rd(Multi Brand Service Center)
open hours10:30 AM to 07:00 PM,Sunday Closed
chirala  ,Stn Rd(Multi Brand Service Center) , Sarang Technologies,1St Floor,Goli Kotaiah Building,Beside Saidulu Chowdary Hospital,Puthoor Rajula Street,Station,Chirala,Andhra Pradesh,523155
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